Where can I promote my music video?

Hello everybody, it’s Andy Gesner here at HIP Video Promo. Of all the questions I get asked, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Andy, where can I promote my music video?”. Well, folks, your music video has become your most potent piece of marketing currency. And if you’re going to go pedal to the metal, you want to make sure that your new music video hits all of the decision-makers and gatekeepers out there that could give you the kind of exposure and attention that you’re looking for. So I’m going to share today the seven best places to promote your music video.

Number one, television. Yes, television is a time-tested medium. Television’s not going anywhere. And whether it’s MTV, BET, BET JAMS, mtvU, Music Choice, or any of the countless others, you want to make sure your video is in consideration for programming.

Number two, websites and blogs. Music fans go to highly curated sites to find out what’s the newest and the latest; you want your music video there. You might not know who the people are, but we do. Pitching your music video to websites and blogs is a terrific way to secure exposure.

Number three, YouTube playlists are big. People love their YouTube playlists. They’ll put the playlist on, do the dishes, go to a different room, and listen. Pitching to YouTube playlists guarantees genuine, authentic views — so you definitely want that in your marketing plan when it comes time to promote your new music video.

Number four is social media. Your video is something special, and since it’s your most potent piece of market and currency, you want to use that music video to bring people into your various online tents. If you bait your hook with your brand new video, you bait your hook with your heart — and the fish will always bite.

Number five is the content providers. Notice when you go to FootLocker, or you’re at a fitness center, a shopping mall, a cruise ship, or a nightclub and see music videos playing — well, those videos have to come from somewhere. And in many cases, they’re coming from HIP Video Promo.

Number six, OTT. Yes, OTT has become huge. What started with just a Roku box has proliferated to countless others like Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Sling, Apple TV, Pluto, to name a few. These afford you great exposure opportunities, and because the visuals are delivered via the internet, it allows you to enjoy international exposure.

And last but not least, number seven is Spotify. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. What’s the first thing you do if you hear a great new track on Spotify? You’re going to Google the artist and watch the music video.

So if you’ve got a music video, I’m here to speak to you. I’m the owner and president of HIP Video Promo, and my number is 732–613–1779. Or you can email me at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. So, where do you promote your music video? Give me a call. We’ll talk about it.

Today is Washington’s Birthday! As someone who grew up in the cradle of liberty and attended Valley Forge Junior High School in our country’s bicentennial year (1976- yes, I’m old!), I’ve always embraced a presidential outlook on life. As president of HIP Video Promo, I’ve spent my life fascinated by researching what made a president great and learned what flaws were inherent in our leaders that dropped the ball. So here it is, your pal Andy naming all the United States presidents in order by memory, with my eyes closed. Enjoy!



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